Daniel Fast and Celery Juicing for 21 days

In January this year with inspiration from some of my sisterhood ladies my husband and I embarked on a 21 day fast. The fast is called a Daniel fast and originates from the biblical story of Daniel. During the fast, you refrain from all meat, dairy and refined food. We decided to take it up a notch and incorporate celery juicing every morning as well.

The first two days were so hard. My body was craving sugar and I was constantly looking for things that I was able to eat. My husband went to work without preparing any food and said he almost broke the fast as there wasn’t anything fast-compliant around him to eat. I quickly figured out that we would need to get a lot more organised to make it through the 21 days.

My friends Kesaia and Moira have done this fast quite a lot so I was glad to have their guidance through it. I did a proper food shop and started prepping food to take to work. We literally were going to work with layered lunch boxes with breakfast, lunch and snacks.

Celery is one of the most anti-inflammatory foods. It starves off bad bacteria in the gut and helps good bacteria to thrive. It raises hydrochloric acid in the stomach which helps food break down so food that has been putrefying in your gut for a long time can be broken down and released. I think this is one of the reasons why I had the worst smelling gas during the first few days of the juicing. TMI but I was farting so much and the smell was horrible, I’m literally giggling to myself while typing this because it reminded me of my husband asking me to go and fart outside. That’s how bad it was. I messaged a friend who did the same juice fast and she told me the same thing happened to her.

Juicing should always be done on an empty stomach as the goal is to let the gut assimilate it fast and we get the most nutrients and detoxification benefits that way. Also, if not taken on an empty stomach the juice starts to ferment with foods in our gut and doesn’t digest as efficiently.

We have maintained a juicing habit in our home since then but now mix celery with other fruit and vegetables however, to reap the full reward of celery juice, it’s probably best to juice celery alone.

We experienced so many other benefits like increased energy, less brain fog and having an easier experience going to the toilet. Important to note that we did it alongside a very strict diet so it could all have been a collective result. Despite eating much less and eating less carbs and meat I was working out so much more than usual. If I had a full day at work, I would come home and just be ready to eat and lounge. I would come home rearing to change and head out the door again to workout.

The social aspect is another one to consider. You get so nervous about social gatherings as most will have things you can’t eat or drink. I wouldn’t want to to go to a party or be invited for dinner only to say “I can’t eat this and can’t drink that’. We only went out once and cooked food and the food we took to the gathering was the only thing we could eat. We did it discreetly so no one even noticed that we were only eating the food we brought to contribute.

I have to speak about the spiritual and disciplinary side of fasting. Going through a fast like this one made me realise just how much we think about food, our wants and how much we are constantly eating or snacking. People around me at work would be eating snacks that I couldn’t have then I thought ‘if not for this fast, I wouldn’t decline the offers to snack with them’. We also completed a Daniel fast bible plan together and my husband realised that it was the longest time we went without arguing or fighting over small, stupid shit lol.

I am not a fan of dieting at all, I strongly believe in developing a lifestyle where you create balance and don’t have to diet. I was super keen on starting the year differently and fasting really helps you think of yourself and wants less in a healthy way.

When you complete a fast or detox program, you take habits with you that you implement in your everyday life even after the time of fasting is over. Our fruit and vegetable intake has skyrocketed since then because we had to get creative about our meals to keep it interesting. We still make meals we discovered during the fast and try to stick to vegetarian meals 3-4 times a week.

You don’t realise your reliance for refined flour, sugar, yeast, meat and dairy until you can’t have it. Shopping was FRUSTRATING.. Like there is added sugar in dried fruit when it’s already sweet. We would have to read ingredients of everything and were constantly putting things back on the shelf. I resorted to online shopping and by the last two weeks I knew where to shop and for what to shop. A lot of things had to be put in the freezer to eat after the fast as well.

After the detox, I decided to go for a colonic and infrared sauna session. The colonic was one of the best ones I have ever had. Everything came out with ease and it was like the icing on the cake to end my fasting journey.

Spiritually, I felt new. I felt more spiritually connected to something greater and although this year has had some surprises, I feel like it prepared me better for everything that did happen and is about to happen.

This is my personal journey with celery juice and fasting. Our bodies are so complex so we can all have different results.

This is definitely something I am going to start my year with from now on.