Case Studies

She won me over 


I was skeptical at first about health coaching, but that stems from my little knowledge of what health coaching is all about and a lot to do with my ‘I know it all’ attitude! 


However, Audrey’s personality and passion won me over and I felt I was ready to learn something new and embrace this experience with her.

I was feeling slightly nervous, because I knew her on a personal level and I was ‘madua’ to discuss my unhealthy habits. But she quickly dispelled those fears, focusing on moving forward rather than backwards. 



Our first meeting at home, I was feeling less apprehensive when she arrived and excited to embark on this journey of self-discovery. My goal setting exercise was relatively honest and straightforward. I wanted to learn more about food especially alternative healthy choices, practice mindfulness when it comes to food shopping and meal preparations, and to bring my fitness back up. 

The pantry and fridge inspection was my most scary session. I decided that I wasn’t going to try to impress her by clearing out my cupboards and fridge and restocking with healthy food items – we were going to bare all! It didn’t turn out that bad, I actually received some positive feedback and lots of useful and helpful advice regarding nutrition and was given resources for further information. I was excited to share this information with my family, they would benefit from this experience especially my son who is a competitive swimmer and is always hungry which means he wasn’t eating the right foods. He likes to use the analogy that you can’t put cheap fuel in a Ferrari! 

I had to educate myself and become more disciplined when it came to feeding my family. One session involved food shopping. She is very knowledgeable when it comes to all things food. My learning point that day was that I need to take the time to read ingredients and look at what other options are available. I now buy organic products and go fresh wherever possible, when it comes to fruit and vegetables. 

The non-nutrition session focused on other equally important areas of my life, including my family, career, friendships and spiritual growth, taking stock of where I was in these areas. It was a good reflective session, identifying areas to change or improve. It’s a holistic approach that encourages you towards a healthy balance so that the mind, body and soul are perfectly attuned to one another. 

On our last session we went for a walk together and talked about my progress. I was pleased to share I had started buying vegetables and fruit that I wouldn’t normally eat or try, but were super healthy and tasty. My family was very supportive of the changes and was more open to healthier meals, eating less meat each week, cutting down sugar and processed foods, and trying new fruit and vegetables. 

A valuable lesson here was that health coaching helped me to make better-informed choices when it comes to health and nutrition. The information out there is overwhelming and confusing, that you get easily distracted and discouraged. She kept it simple by focusing on my goals. Being mindful about my health and nutrition boosted my energy for the things in life that bring me joy. Its been a worthwhile investment and an enjoyable experience. I highly recommend her services.


Leonora Sinclair x