My name is Audrey and I’m 32 with Pacific Island heritage. In 2011, I hit a downturn in my health. Emotionally and physically drained, I had gained 22kg’s, had hormonal issues, constant bloating and tiredness. Post surgery, I had the realisation that I needed to do something. I was always researching things about my health and started making very small changes.

My passion for all things health grew so much I wanted to study it and help people the way I helped myself through my health journey.

I found the perfect Health Coaching program that resonated with how I wanted to work. My passion for what I do is so undeniable and brings me a lot of joy. It’s so hard to describe how happy I become when I see my clients make lifestyle changes that they take with them for life.

I’m the sole operator of Audrey Victoria Health Coaching. I started my business in June 2019 and have built things slowly from scratch. Health Coaching is so different to what people perceive it to be. It is so bio-individual based on the client. I know the word holistic gets thrown around quite a bit but it is so holistic. 

We explore your home environment, finances, relationships and what brings you joy. It is a 6-month program where you develop transitional changes that just become part of who you are always meant to be. 

With the right coaching support, I will help you gain a new outlook on your health journey by taking those necessary steps in the right direction for a fuller and happier lifestyle.

Let's do this together.